Today is Steve Tyler’s Birthday

Best of luck with the operation!

 Simon W. Stockdale's Top 30 Aerosmith Songs

1. "Rag Doll" (Permanent Vacation)
2. "Round and Round" (Toys In The Attic)
3. "Sweet Emotion" (Toys In The Attic)
4. "Nobody's Fault" (Rocks)
5. "Mama Kin" (Aerosmith)
6. "Back In The Saddle" (Rocks)
7. "F.I.N.E" (Pump)
8. "Walk This Way" (Toys In The Attic)
9. "Lick And A Promise" (Rocks)
10. "Young Lust" (Pump)
11. "Last Child"  (Rocks)
12. "Dream On" (Aerosmith)
13. "Rats In The Cellar" (Rocks)
14. "Same Old Song And Dance"  (Toys In The Attic)
15. "Combination" (Rocks)
16. "Toys In The Attic" (Toys In The Attic)
17. "Home Tonight"  (Rocks)
18. "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)"  (Permanent Vacation)
19. "Sick As A Dog"  (Rocks)
20. "Love In An Elevator" (Pump)
21. "Get The Lead Out" (Rocks)
22. "The Movie" (Permanent Vacation)
23. "Adam's Apple" (Toys In The Attic)
24. "One Way Street" (Aerosmith)
25. "The Other Side"  (Pump)
26. "Chip Away The Stone"  (Gems)
27. "My Girl"(Pump)
28. "Make It" (Aerosmith)
29. "Kings and Queens" (Draw The Line)
30. “What It Takes” (Pump)


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