Today is Beck’s 36th Birthday

Simon W. Stockdale’s Top 30 Beck Songs

1. Nobody’s Fault But My Own (Mutations)
2. Guess I’m Doing Fine (Sea Change)
3. The New Pollution (Odelay)
4. The Golden Age (Sea Change)
5. Pay No Mind (Snoozer) (Mellow Gold)
6. Derelict (Odelay)
7. Steal My Body Home (Mellow Gold)
8. Devils Haircut (Odelay)
9. Loser (Mellow Gold)
10. Where It’s At (Odelay)
11. Nitemare Hippy Girl (Mellow Gold)
12. Bottle Of Blues (Mutations)
13. Beercan (Mellow Gold)
14. Runners Dial Zero (Mutations)
15. Blackhole (Mellow Gold)
16. Lost Cause (Sea Change) 
17. Scarecrow (Guero)
18. All In Your Mind (Sea Change)
19. E-Pro (Guero)
20. Round the Bend (Sea Change)
21. Tropicalia (Mutations)
22. Already Dead (Sea Change)
23. Asshole (One Foot in the Grave) 
24. Sexx Laws (Midnite Vultures)
25. We Live Again (Mutations)
26. Mixed Bizness (Midnite Vultures)
27. Cold Brains (Mutations)
28. Jack-Ass (Odelay)
29. Rowboat (Stereopathetic Soulmanure)
30. Go It Alone (Guero)


2 responses to “Today is Beck’s 36th Birthday

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