Top 10 Tweets of 2009

1. FatherBob FatherBob we know where god is..under a slab of concrete..floating away from land..dead from a broken heart…where’s science and technology?

2. Helen Razer helenrazer  Kevin @KevinRuddPM every time an ISP router validates a traffic destination, a little kitten dies #nocleanfeed 10:04 PM Dec 15th from web

3. Al Yankovic alyankovic   It’s Thanksgiving Eve! I can’t wait till tomorrow morning to see if crazy ol’ St. Larry left me any gravy under my pillow. 6:43 AM Nov 26th from web

4. Ben Schwartz rejectedjokesIf Cher could turn back time, she better not waste her superhuman ability on apologizing to some guy. Stop 9/11 or something! 5:23 AM Dec 3rd from web

5. Justin shitmydadsays  “It’s never the right time to have kids, but it’s always the right time for screwing. God’s not a dumbshit. He knows how it works.” 11:59 AM Dec 1st from web

6. Adam Hills adamhillscomedy Can a rainbow be sarcastic? 3:13 AM Nov 30th from web

7. Rivers Cuomo RiversCuomo  I feel smugly superior to everyone who feels smugly superior to everyone else. 8:09 AM Nov 23rd

8.Sarah Silverman SarahKSilverman I keep confusing 9-11 and 7-11. Gotta stop going to ground zero for Nerds Rope. 5:18 PM Nov 17th

9.  Chas Licciardello ChasLicc Fact Of The Day: NZ’s highest-paid sports star is Tiger Woods’ caddie 2:22 PM Dec 15th from web

10. Dave Hughes DHughesy I’m watching the dark knight while my loved one does the ironing and dishes and becomes the dark wife. 10:06 PM Oct 3rd


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