12 Tweets from 2012

12 tweets that I liked this year, many from some of my favourite tweeters.

12. Graham Linehan ‏@Glinner
Every time you have McDonald’s as a kid, it’s a victory. Every time you have it as an adult, it’s a defeat.

11. Alain de Botton ‏@alaindebotton
The real reward for good parenting is not that your children are grateful to you but that they are kind to their offspring.

10. John Safran‏@JohnSafran
“I’ve been contemplating Slip n’ Slide” – Nick Cave, aged 8.

9. Megan Amram‏@meganamram
A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? SMOKING

8. Ally Maynard ‏@missmayn
“Get rich or die.” – American Healthcare

7. Eli Braden ‏@EliBraden
Don’t forget your asshole pills! RT @KourtneyKardash: Breakfast time! Some ghee, manna bread, coconut water and a BIO-K probiotic.

6. rachel lichtman‏@DJRotaryRachel
“Yeah, well right now I’m Pissed Pissedofferson.” – Kris Kristofferson, pissed off

5. Sarah Silverman ‏@SarahKSilverman
I have a rational fear of flying.

4. Frankie McGinty‏@FrankieMcGinty
In order to catch a bus, first one must think like a bus.

3. Laney Griner‏@laneymg
You know what never drops like flies? Flies.

2.kelly oxford‏@kellyoxford
Putting a tattoo on your boob is like decorating a TV.

1. rob delaney ‏@robdelaney
I think one reason babies cry on planes is because flying sucks & babies aren’t liars like you & me.


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