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Song of the day #3: Darren Hanlon “I Wish That I Was Beautiful For You”

I dreamed that we were travelling on a bus
Speeding along an unnamed plain towards somewhere and nowhere there was us
Our hands lay useless in our laps
Like beetles on their backs

We came to a stretch of road where a fire
Had burned the edges all along it looked as though the highway wore eyeliner
You kissed me by surprise
When I opened my eyes
You’d turned into some old guy
I screamed
But don’t forget of all these things I’ve only dreamed


Song of the day #2: Aerosmith “Rag Doll”

My first ever major concert was Aerosmith at the Tennis Centre in 1990 and I’m certainly not ashamed to say it. Aerosmith were my favourite band in my early teens (when bored in class I would doodle the Aerosmith logo on my school folder). I like them much more than, say, Led Zeppelin who seem to take themselves a little too seriously while Aerosmith had more of a funky, boogie element to their music. Rag Doll is a good example of this.

Their “all killer no filler” masterpiece is Rocks, released the year I was born. But Rag Doll marks the beginning of their second wind in the late 80s which began with 87’s Permanent Vacation and peaked with Pump in ’89.

Song of the day #1: Teenage Fanclub “The Concept”

One of my favourite Meredith moments was when You Am I came on and opened with a cover of this early-nineties classic. “‘Course she won’t be forced against her will / says she don’t do drugs but she does the pill.”

When it comes to reaching pop-perfection, few bands have gotten closer than The Fannies.

Essential albums: Bandwagonesque, Grand Prix & Songs From Northern Britain